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Erlloisse Magan Offers Businesses Big and Small Tips for Building Relationships With Investors

Check out these insights on building relationships with investors from biz whiz Erlloisse Magan.

Investor relations are important for companies big and small. Whether you aim to become CEO of a Fortune 500 company or are looking to secure funding for your garage-based startup, you’ll need to build relations with investors. Financial and business expert Erlloisse Magan is going to offer insights for those looking to build relationships with investors.

“Establishing and improving relationships with investors is vital for nearly any business owner,” Erlloisse Magan says. “Unless you can self-fund everything, you’re likely going to need investments from others.”

So how do you build up relationships with investors? One of the most important factors is trust. Ponzi schemes and scandals have regularly hit the headlines over the last few decades and many investors are rightly wondering if they can trust a given company or leader.

“If I had to pick a single most important factor, trust would probably be it,” Erlloisse Magan says. “Investors need to know that they can trust you and that their money and resources are in safe hands. This starts with personal trust in you as a leader, but also includes trust for your brand, company, and team.”When it comes to building trust, transparency is key. You should be upfront with investors about not just opportunities but also challenges. Investors know that running a business and expanding market share are not easy tasks. They know that your company will face challenges and competition as well.

If you downplay or gloss over the challenges faced, investors may think that you’re either hiding something or lack the insight to understand and recognize the many challenges you must overcome. By embracing challenges and presenting potential solutions, you can increase transparency and also highlight your skills, knowledge, and foresight.

Erlloisse Magan Says Execution Is Often More Important Than Ideas

Lots of people have great ideas. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for example, was not the only person to recognize the potential for social media websites. Indeed, Facebook faced stiff competition early on from Myspace and other websites. Yet in the long run, Facebook won out, and so too did early investors in Facebook.

Why? Execution, execution, execution. Zuckerberg not only envisioned the full potential of social media but also crafted a plan to expand his company and dominate the market. To accomplish that, Zuckerberg had to execute.“I love ideas,” Erlloisse Magan says, “but if you want to make your millions or even billions, if you want your company to succeed at the highest level, ideas aren’t enough. Execution is, in my opinion, more important. That means accomplishing the little tasks day in and day out while building towards your larger goals.”

Savvy investors recognize how important execution is as well. If you want to attract investors, you need to prove to them that you not only have great ideas but also the skill and drive to produce results.

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